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Christopher Price
Co -Owner
Lené Price

Who We Are

We are an Owner Driven Events Planning & Decor Hiring Company based in the Western Cape. We focus heavily on delivering a premium experience through all of our offerings.


Should your requirements be to make your venue look incredible, allow us to assist in the Styling thereof.

Should you need assistance with the correct Decor, Furniture or Floral Elements we would be more than happy to assist in the supply of or sourcing thereof.

If creating the correct ambiance through Lighting is what you require, we have a wide spectrum of solutions that will make your event look spectacular.


As we own a large selection of our own products, we are able to ensure more control is kept over pricing, availability as well as the efficient supply of the

services / items required for your event.


As we have been very fortunate to work at numerous internationally renowned venues, with multiple local suppliers as well as a host of international clients we are confident in our ability to make your upcoming event a major success.


Allow us to take all the hassle off your hands when planning and executing your event.


We look forward to collaborating with you.


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021 - 981 6880 - Office

072 - 241 6418 - Lené Price

083 - 518 5319 - Chris Price

Our price list is readily available upon request